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SMS Feature Enhancements in ClearlyIP Trunking

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SMS Feature Enhancements in ClearlyIP Trunking

We’re continuing to expand ClearlyIP’s award-winning SIP trunking platform and are pleased to announce the availability of two new number features for our trunking customers: SMS-to-Email and SMS Webhooks.

SMS-to-Email: While ClearlyIP has offered SMS-enabled numbers for some time via web portals and mobile apps, the new SMS-to-Email feature allows users to conveniently receive and reply to text messages directly from their email.

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized: Consolidate incoming text messages alongside your email correspondence.
  • Convenient: Access and respond to text messages conveniently from your email client.
  • Easy: Easily forward and archive text message conversations as you would any email.

SMS Webhooks: With SMS Webhooks, ClearlyIP customers can harness the power of automation via a widely-supported method of notification, integrating SMS notifications directly into their existing workflows, applications, and systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy: Webhooks are widely supported and can be dropped into many off the shelf applications and hosted solutions.
  • Instant: Webhooks occur in real time, enabling timely triggers within your applications.

To learn more about how Email to SMS-to-Email and SMS Webhooks can improve your trunking experience, we invite you to join our exclusive webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to start unlocking the potential of webhook integrations and the convenience of email texting.