STIR/SHAKEN Certificate

STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Management

STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Management

ClearlyIP Can Now Sign Calls for Originating Service Providers Whom Have Obtained Their Certificates


If you have been verified as an Originating Service Provider and obtained your STIR/SHAKEN certificate, Partners can provide us with their certificate. We will then sign all of their calls from their Customers (that belong to the Partner) with their own Certificate. This can be for our existing ClearlyIP Partners reselling ClearlyIP SIP Trunking services billing customers directly and for new Partners that are looking to align themselves with a service provider that can sign their customer calls. New Partners can migrate their customers over to ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunking services and enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing and a powerful platform, with the peace of mind of STIR/SHAKEN compliance for customer calls.


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How Do I Get A STIR/SHAKEN Certificate?

If you have qualified as an Originating Service Provider, let’s say you are reselling ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunking to customers and charging the end customer, technically, you will be required to sign those calls. You must go thru the process of getting your own certificate. You will need to get a US FCC 499-A Filer and OCN Number, the work towards your STIR/SHAKEN token and certificate.




Obtain an FCC 499 ID Number



Get an Operating Company Number (OCN) Number

An OCN (Operating Company Number) is a 4 character ID for North American phone companies.



Get Your Iconectiv Token




Partner with a Certificate Authority (CA) to get a Certificate Issued


Start Signing Calls.

Come back to this page and provide us with your customers certificate. We will then sign all of their calls with their Certificate.