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Empower Your Community with a Phone System and a Partner That Cares About All Churches, Religious Ministries, and Non-Profit Organizations

Breanna Fernie

At ClearlyIP, we have a serious passion for serving our community. Our team has a long history of supporting local churches, ministries, and not-for-profit organizations. Why? Because we care. And now, more than ever, the gap between technology and budget for these associations needs to be bridged.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people worldwide have relied more than ever on their church and community for support, relationships and purpose. Many people felt disconnected and alone when these organizations had to close. It was devastating and isolating in some cases; most organizations did not have the technology they needed to maintain the connection to their community. In light of everything that has transpired this past year, churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations now see technology as a first and foremost mandate for 2021. Connecting members of their communities is a vital part of reopening now and leading to a brighter future.

The ClearlyIP Team has invested years, building, delivering, and supporting one of the leading religious organization phone systems available today. We can help any group turn phones & desktops into a church phone system that works anywhere: office, home, and on the road. Our ministry-focused VoIP phone systems and devices offer flexible options, convenient features, and custom pricing for your unique needs. More and more technology can help multiply your community and empower your people with a much further reach. With the power of a managed VoIP phone system, you can grow from one extension to ten thousand. ClearlyIP’s hosted VOIP church phone solutions provide you with a flexible, feature-rich communications system that can grow and change with your ministry – now at a price you can afford

We work with ALL organizations, regardless of whether you are a chapel, mosque, parish, sanctuary, shrine, synagogue, temple, etc. We will take the time to learn about your organization and how best to support your connectivity needs. Whether you’re a megachurch with tens of thousands of members, a multi-campus church, or a church with 100 members, you’ll benefit from working with ClearlyIP. We provide cloud-based technology for church communities and integrated, unified communication to alleviate the hardships you currently face with old, outdated phones and services. We will work with your budget to provide structure and substance inline with a nonprofit’s plans. We know that a budget makes a strong statement about the organization’s intentions and goals. It indicates what the nonprofit expects to tackle in the coming year or years, especially with long-term scalable and secure technology aspirations.

We have a platform to support all groups and sizes to harness our telecommunications tools’ power. We make it our mission always to deliver a customized solution that powers mobility, limitless collaboration, and secure communications at a price and budget that will empower your organization to do more and reach further. We don’t provide customers with cookie-cutter solutions; our team of experts conducts discovery calls to learn about your group and how best to build a custom solution.

Some of the benefits you can expect are:

Cost Savings & ROI
  • Eliminate expensive traditional phone lines and long-distance costs
  • Reduce maintenance of old hardware
  • Real savings in dollars with proper call management and a virtual reception IVR solution
  • Custom pricing for a system that meets your specific needs and budget
  • Special Discounts provided by ClearlyIP to help expand your ROI
Streamline Operations
  • Simplified phone tree for easy caller navigation and improved experience
  • Remote workability tools and messaging to help spread the faith
  • Expand your reach to build stronger relations with people/communities around the world
  • Unique call routing options to help better manage tasks
  • Make being on-hold easier by choosing your own music
  • Easily add or remove extensions as your organization grows and changes
Simplified Administration & Control
  • Give your leaders and staff unprecedented, easy control over your phone system in real-time with our unique call panel
  • Empower your staff with more features and functionality to work efficiently
Heart-led Customer Service & Support
  • Dedicated staff knowledgeable on religious organization technology requirements
  • Specialized approach to oversee your unique requirements for a custom quote and carefully planned deployment
  • We take pride in holding your hand every step of the way


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